Cualificación de Nivel 1 en Vinos de la WSET® ONLINE VERSION

Cualificación de Nivel 1 en Vinos de la WSET® ONLINE VERSION


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Module 1: What is Wine & How is it Made?
Name the main parts of a grape and what they contain. Name the key stages in the annual cycle of grape growing and know what happens during ripening. Name and define different grape-growing climates and state how they can affect the characteristics of grapes. List the requirements for and the products of alcoholic fermentation. Name and correctly order the key stages in the production of still white, red and rosé wines.

Module 2: Types & Styles of Wine
Identify the three main styles of wine: still wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines. Study the notable structural characteristics of all wines.

Module 3: Introduction to Tasting
To learn how to taste wine and describe its notable characteristics using language from WSET’s Systematic Approach to Tasting. To distinguish differences and similarities between different styles of wine.

Module 4: Grape Varieties & Wines
Name the principal grape varieties and identify the characteristics and styles of their wines.

Identify and relate named wines from principal grape varieties to the grape varieties, types, characteristics and styles of wine. Identify and relate other popular named wines to the types, characteristics and styles of wine.

Module 5: Storage & Service of Wines
Identify and define the ideal conditions for the short and long-term storage of wine. State the recommended service temperature for the principal types and styles of wine. State the correct procedures for opening and serving wine.

Module 6: Pairing Food & Wines
Identify the principal food and wine interactions and recognise the effect they typically have on a wine.

Module 7: Revision

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O1WI2005APP Mon May 4th 2020  –            Sun May 31st 2020
O1WI2006APP Mon June 29th 2020  –           Sun July 26th 2020

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